Saltwater Naturals Product Shoot
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Saltwater Naturals


Hands up for those sick of putting trash on their skin? Probably all of us. Saltwater Naturals is a boutique skincare range based in Torquay, Australia. They specialise in small, handmade batches of natural skincare products. Their plant-powered products are non-toxic, cruelty free and most of them are also vegan. Yay! Each product captures the essence of the ocean making it a go to for beach babes all year round.



Saltwater Naturals approached us to help with some creative direction and styling for their very first product shoot. A pair of extra hands never goes astray!



Saltwater Naturals knew they wanted to shoot at Torquay Beach, after all it is the inspiration behind their whole range. Taking their natural based product range back to the elements made complete sense for us also.

After our extensive research phase, we suggested pairing simple flatlays with dramatic light and shadows (see the beloved palm tree shadow shot). These shots made each product the hero and allow consumers to become familiar with the packaging and products of the range. The colour palette for each shot was deliberate, not just playing into colour trends but connecting in to those natural vibes that are so intertwined with the collection.

We also were super keen to get some shots of the products with the model in the surf. The Saltwater Naturals consumer is a chilled out beach babe who loves getting back to nature. It was important to tell this story so that potential consumers connected with this lifestyle – fresh whites, salty surf and your trustworthy skincare range. These products were born out of the ocean, baby!