Head Start Homes Annual Report 2017-18
  -    -    -    -  Head Start Homes Annual Report 2017-18
Graphic Design + Illustration
Sydney, Australia.

“Amazing” is a word that’s thrown around like confetti but Head Start Homes actually are amazing. They exist to help people in social housing achieve home ownership. This in turn frees up that social housing for people who are currently homeless. At present, there is basically a huge stop in the housing process so without a non-for-profit organisation like Head Start Homes, people basically just stay in their current circumstances without any hope of progress.  Amazing, right?



When annual report time came around, Head Start Homes came a-knockin’. This report was their very FIRST report so the design stakes were huge.



We worked closely with them to ensure that the killer copy they crafted was put lovingly on a little design pedestal. It was important that the design invited readers to experience not just the facts, but the heart and soul of Head Start Homes.

We created hand drawn illustrations and identical layouts for the partner profiles. The idea behind this was to create a visual “breather” in between all the inforgraphs, charts and information.

There were some consistent branding elements that we were able to drawn on that also kept the whole report looking cohesive and professional.