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Logo Design
Geelong, Australia

The boys at Geelong City Automotive are a fun bunch who specialise in European luxury cars. Their workshop has a retro vibe with exposed brickwork, ridiculously high ceilings with big metal beams and lofty windows that let in shards of light (can you tell I’m dying to do a photoshoot in that place? Seriously. Dying.) These guys are much cooler than your typical mechanic.



The boys needed a fresh logo that would match their fresh new (but old because see above where I talk about their workshop) business.



Honestly, this was super fun. From the get go it was clear that Numa Design Co needed to tap into WHO Geelong City Automotive were to create a logo (and brand) that represented how stellar these guys are.

The vintage vibes of the workshop set the tone, which has been reflected in the choice of font and also the use of a retro wrench (trying saying that super fast). The logo was designed knowing what sort of material and collateral it would be used on/appearing on. Stay tuned to see pics of this logo on wooden business cards, wooden signs and a KILLER neon.