Botanique Product Shoot
  -    -    -  Botanique Product Shoot
Model in rust coloured Frank and Dolly's shirt and Leif by Amy Louise necklace. She is sitting in a wicker chair and leaning against a terracotta coloured indoor wall. The model has shoulder length brown hair.

Leif by Amy Louise Jewellery

Creative Direction + Styling
Geelong, Australia

Leif by Amy Louise Jewellery is a Geelong based jewellery label. Their exquisite handcrafted pieces are often inspired by the beauty in nature. Leif celebrates clean lines and classic shapes, often transcending passing trends to create pieces that last. Wearable art for the understated girl.



Numa Design Co was brought on board to provide creative direction and styling for the Botanique shoot. Botanique was a new jewellery range being launched by Amy Louise Jewellery.

The Botanique range was inspired by the 1800s concept of the ‘Language of Flowers’. Feelings and emotions were traditionally unspoken in Victorian society. Consequently, this romantic concept encouraged people to communicate feelings through flowers. Be still our beating hearts!

Each jewellery pieces features a pattern of Rue, a herb meaning ‘clear vision’ and ‘grace’. Clear vision was exactly what designer Amy Louise had when she lovingly designed this range. A range that brings grace, beauty and a hint of mystery.



Being a creative, Amy Louise had a clear vision (haha) for this shoot. Our role was to support her vision and give honest feedback and advice.

The clean shapes of Botanique were given depth by the use of single flower stems and moody styling. Fashion pieces from Frank and Dolly’s were used in collaboration on this shoot. Like Leif, Frank and Dolly’s are a Geelong based clothing label. This paid homage to the locality of Geelong.

Above all, it was important that the styling stayed true to the fresh innocence the brand promotes. The result was a magical product shoot that elevated the Leif brand to a new level.