This isn't about me.
It's about you.

Hi there. I’m Annie and I’m the founder of Numa Design Co, based in beautiful Geelong, Victoria.

If you’re after a designer who’s more obsessed with your business than you are, you’ve come to the right place.

Numa Design Co was born out of a desire to champion other businesses towards powerful design and branding identity. We are exposed to approx 4000-10000 advertising images daily. I don’t need to stress how important it is for your brand to be more than memorable.

Your imagery should be captivating.

Your brand identity should be unforgettable.

Your story should be seen.

Let’s chat.

Annie x


Numa Design Co is the perfect balance of design meets industry knowledge. Annie has an academic background in Human Behaviour and Sociology and an experiential background in graphic design and styling. What a combo!


This means that design solutions aren’t proposed just for the sake of it looking good (although Numa Design Co is all about killer vibes!). It all comes back to social and consumer trends, helping you to target your market in a memorable way that transcends passing fads.

  • Honesty
    The key to any good relationship is honesty. This looks like good communication, honest feedback and some laughs.
  • Collaboration
    No one knows your business like you. When you started out you had a vision, a dream. Let’s work together to get your business looking fresh and fine so you can keep kicking goals.
  • Creativity
    A creative studio really should value creativity. This is what drives Numa Design Co – a passion for creativity, creative solutions, creative design. All of it. And a flipping big passion for beauty.
  • Sustainability
    Numa Design Co loves this little rock in the universe we live on. Let’s love it together by choosing sustainable design solutions. We’re still learning, but our passion for sustainability is at 100.
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